It was a gentle kiss, not forceful nor erotic. A sublime unification of two spirits was all we asked at that moment in time. A moment when the heavy summer night enveloped us, a dusting of stars across a moonless sky and the songs of the night creatures echoing out into the darkness. Oh there would be days for the completion of our totality. That unbridled coupling beneath sun washed sheets. A place where every nuance of passion is countered one by the other. A time immemorial recognition of every muscle and every sinew, a time when each cell in our being aches deep within. Be it need, desire or an answer one may never know, it calls to us, loses each unto the other, burns our souls to ashes and spins our needs to dust. But tonight it’s a gentle kiss, a lingering breath on a gently kindling spark.

Headlights on the highway, that ribbon of progress that drives our night time dreams away. Alone, no we’re not alone, as this gentle planet spins the light of day to the dark of night. A million lovers part. Tenderly banking the embers of the flame that guides their hearts. A million lovers unite. Blazing the spark white hot into a roaring inferno. Night into day, day into night, we are. We are dancers on a stage that without us would have never born the fate of existence. The beat, the pulse, the cadence, is the beginning and the end. Its why we simply are. The gentle planet spins.

A soft night time breeze cools the moisture from your gentle kiss. I can still feel the softness of your lips, taste the elixir of your essence and catch your scent upon the breeze. Its maybe a longer stare than most would expect but our beings must feed when our bodies cannot. Like the millions we walk amongst two more lovers part. I watch your back recede into the darkness, hear your engine roar and watch the tail lights fade off onto the highway. Now and again, I wish our gentle planet would slow its spin. A few more hours in the night, a longer kiss, a tighter embrace. But the band is playing and the dancers must take the stage. And the gentle planet spins.


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