Deep in the night I knew I loved you.When all was hidden from the harsh, bright, cold light of day. As I think back, I wonder what it was, the tome and timber of your voice ? Or the flash in your eyes, like a storm across the valley. Rolling in across my soul like sweet rains on a moisture hungry field. But as I watch the branches dance in the late evening breeze it’s a myriad of emotions that run through my soul. Do I cut and buck like a wild mare across a prairie vast? Head off for the mountain peaks and the forests safe? What is this and why is it? I also know as with any stallion you’ll race the winds across grasses blowing ,cut me off at the pass, go straight up on your hind legs , scream into the sky, the winds, and the ether. Display your dominion and know it could be fleeting should I take to heel.


For what has been predetermined through the ages falls under no man’s domain. It is the will of the Gods or the impulse of nature, I know not which. Just like you’re a djinn out of the desert and don’t give me that old sleepy eyed grin, for I know better and yes, I know where the magic lies. I’m a spirit of the mists, a moon shadow dancer in the forests, a nighthawk when the full moon rises over the swampland.  But when the sun rises in the dawn what does it bring? Another million miles of distance so far yet so close. Our spirits are flying wing to wing, yet far to far apart to feel one or the others touch upon our skin? When does our rambling cease? When do we accept the great what is, let it be and finally breathe, your lips on mine, my lips on yours, the eternal dance of the intertwined lovers.  Of this I have no idea, but when the nights grow long and I need to feel the reassurance of your embrace, to taste the sweat upon your skin and hear you moaning in my arms shall I wait in my dreams and hope to touch you in the night? Or shall I do as the women before me  who loved those men who sailed the unknown seas?  Face the winds and stare out at that lost dark horizon, waiting for the one heart that beats in unison with mine to breach life’s storms and sail on home.


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