A warm thick Sunday morning. One of those July days where the clouds float close to the earth with no demarcation as to where the sky meets the land. Mists from the heavens and mists from the earth are all intertwined, one is the other and the like. My coffee was cooling when Issy chimed in, or floated or simply connected, I don’t know now, probably will never know the how or the why.13263758_1159318890793658_8771859339196564438_n

But if an extra sensory dance is what one can have while  the world around one races at light speed this was it. Her kitchen still held the cool of the passing night and even as the times were different, things  in our natural sphere were all the same.  The heavy air hung over her world as it did in mine. I could smell the lemon oil mixed with a bit of camphor & turpentine she had used on the hard woods out in the main part of the house mingling with the aromas of baking biscuits and frying ham. Also the heady scent of the rain washed magnolia’s out in her yard.  I guess she took this quiet time before everything started to awake to allow herself to roam as did I .

The boys had been gigging out on the creek late last night even in the torrential rain , and it was a good trip. Lots  of fat frogs had ended up on the stick , the cornmeal and dredge was ready for them.The thick meaty legs were now soaking in a sweet milk bath . The  white corn  had made out in the middle of the acre, along with silky new potatoes, and snap beans  in abundance. Issy imparted that she had thick chunks of late season fatback already waiting on the snaps, nice fatty pieces, sliced and covered in cheesecloth in the spring house.  Howard had brought  apple cider vinegar from Hendersonville last week when he went to see the girls who were summering up at Flat Rock  to get away from the stifling low country heat. Carol Ann was pregnant and having a hard carry, so  the cool mountain air made her time somewhat bearable. Now there were cucumbers, onions and tomatoes floating in a tangy brine. Sunday was good down her way.  Except  that the dogs got upset when the day was becoming new and woke her up. Yanks moving through maybe,  Evan had gone to Charleston Friday, so she’d taken the long gun herself and sat the on porch until dogs calmed. Oh and by the way, did I know that Olivia was back at Delphi.13482892_1173932762665604_3216734618955349267_o

I guess I was  drifting  on her musings of Sunday morning in a different place , so the importance of the news she hit me with took a minute to sink in. I knew my time was as turbulent as most had been, lots of discord and a huge disconnect to the spiritual side. But Olivia being back at Delphi was news. The sacred Isles had always held a certain passion for all who are like me, not like anyone knew how or why to implore of Olivia the Oracle anymore. Maybe a true Mage now walks among us, I’m not sure. I don’t want to think Issy, Please. When is Evan do back?

“He’s do in a bit, he was to ride out in early in the new day”. She responded.” Saul took Clove and rode out to meet him down at the ford near the wateroaks. Evan’s on Bounty so he’s got speed between his legs.” The ship was in, that’s what she was waiting on, black peppercorns in off the spice road. They’ll make today’s dinner a true feast. I took in what Issy was telling me, and realized she was being a bit evasive in her own southern way. Because if Olivia was at Delphi and there was a Mage in my time, something was brewing, just like the storms that grew to billowing thunderheads  out off the coast. But this July Sunday, I would so much rather hear of dinner and Evan and of course the shimmering copper Bounty. A fine blooded stud that Saul had pouted about until Evan  sent a message up Kentucky way to have him brought home.  Of Saul and Issy ? I knew, but was not sure what exactly it was, but it was something that called them together on those steamy sweltering summer nights. Oh well she had to live in her body as well as her spirit.

Issy , I said or imparted to her, “The ones Lothar and Karl fought against are roiling again.” Byzantium had been rough for us both, our kind was hunted for men did not want think outside of the present, yet they battled for where  they would be in end, not realizing there was not one. Issy returned, “They are in the hall, Karl and Lothar, that fight gave reward and they had been many times. The survived the growth of our warming star, so their time was complete” Wow, Issy, I try not to go that far back, I fled to the Emerald Isles and the mists when the stands gave way and the world fell into the sea. Truth be told, that time was good and I can still hear the tinkling of the fountains ,taste sweetness of the wine and feel softness of the breeze. But today, I had not the drive nor the will to look too far into the past. For one like me it became the present when viewed, but one that was unalterable as was my now.

So a Mage Issy? I could almost feel her joy at the moment, Saul and Even were coming down the path. I guess a Mage in my time was not as important as peppercorns in hers.” Do you know him?” She inquired. “Maybe and possibly again no, its too much of a stretch. ” I responded.” Issy it’s Sunday morning and I’m tired, this time is rough, I think Ill make my day like your peppercorns, the important thing is the experience.” Issy was breaking away, her focus on Saul, Ethan and the peppercorns. I take a deep breath at moments likes this , here and there and everywhere. Oh well if there’s a Mage, I’ll see him soon enough.





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