13308375_1166734406718773_923204620257378219_oSometimes the night can just swallow you whole. A million stars ,a million fireflies, a million thoughts and a million moments lost in time. Flowing like the waters of a cool mountain stream, never holding on and simply letting go, slipping and dancing, rolling on by. I bless the miracle of the orbs as they dance around the universe for the ability to disconnect and simply roll with the changes.

The sun sinks, the night rises, cloaking all that was illuminated in the harsh  bright light of day with a soft dreamtime glow. There comes a point where the sun kisses the lands goodnight and out there in the darkness I can touch the magic of the realms. I guess, in reflection , not many do anymore, reach out into the void of eternity and grasp the tendrils of quicksilver that are filaments of the magic more often than not ignored in this wild electric world. But I must, I must simply embrace the ancient addiction I came with to this world and the life on this blue ball that I have never known without it.

The darkness which comes with the pulse of raw unbridled energy, or is it the knowledge of the many who have come before? Calls out to my wandering spirit. A siren song, a tingling down my spine and am I one with the night, yes I have fought it, but it calls like a wolf on a lone mountaintop.

So it is what is and I give in like falling into the arms of a lovers long awaited grasp, the seas with stormy waters, a thousand lightning strikes across mountains high, a wind strong and fierce across sands eternal. The ability to strike out on my own across the eons, kiss the wind and fly. I was always the dirty tanned loner child, toes in the creek, eyes in the clouds. Still to this day, I wonder for what I search, my night mentors seem to let me roam.

So I’ll go tonight , a multitude of searches, valleys, hills prairies and pastures. Maybe it is a dream, maybe it is a reality, answers I don’t know. But what I do know is that I do have wings and I can fly. So like my sisters in the glade before me, I am out there, I am the breeze on your cheek, the call of the night bird in newborn hours, the moonlight reflection on waters dark , the shooting star across the sky when the night seems long. I am the watcher on the wall, the lover in the mists and for this I unshield my soul and soar. With quicksilver in my hands the magic calls and we shall dance. Tonight the moon is new.



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