Maybe the Winds

The waves of Alexandria have known the carnage of your Gods, time in and time again, Or let me backtrack and say , those you call your gods, my friends, your miscalculation is great ! Let me allow you to dance in my world or worlds, but only for a second , We are the night and the day, we are the tremors and sweat you feel as the sun wakes unto the dawn, and you dream the deep dreams in the unknown. Allow me to announce ourselves, we are the dreamers, the singers the. artists , THE MAGIC OF A MILLION STARRY Nights, we are the beginning and the end. We are the smoke from the papyrus when the Library of Alexandria went into flames, and yes, we are the taste of blood on the waters from your stupid miscalculation , we are the knowledge lost, and yet remembered on the winds , Oh you thought you were that good? Allow me to introduce myself, I am the bitch of your darkest hours that howls on a the moonlit hillside for her lost pups Romulus and Remus,, yes I am the one that has nipped at your heels for millennia, waiting to skewer a tendon and leave you hobbled. I am the one who sailed the waters to the dark isles of Arthurian legend and took repast on the islands of the mystical spirit. Maybe I am Morgian , maybe I am Gaia, Maybe I am unknown to you , a whisper on the wind, that may become a storm of unimaginable proportions, then again maybe I am the light against the dark. So for those lost, be appraised of your lovers, they are not lost, but they are found, and from this day forward a war has been declared that will make even the babes in the womb struggle, So stand if you think you can, but the bitch from hell has been unleashed, except she is from the light , and the very gates of Heaven will open in her path , while hell falls in her wake, You want to take me? Try Me,